Don Cupitt -

Contributor to the following books

S.W. Sykes and J.P. Clayton (edd.), Christ, Faith and History, 1972

G.R. Dunstan (ed.), Duty and Discernment, 1975

Hugh Montefiore (ed.), Man and Nature, 1975

John Hick (ed.), The Myth of God Incarnate, 1977, reissued 1993

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Durstan R. McDonald (ed.), The Myth/Truth of God Incarnate, Connecticut 1979

Brian Hebblethwaite and Stewart Sutherland (edd.), The Philosophical Frontiers of Christian Theology, 1982

J.A.T. Robinson, Where Three Ways Meet, 1987

Peter Eaton (ed.), The Trial of Faith, 1988

William Hale White, The Autobiography of Mark Rutherford and Mark Rutherford’s Deliverance, 1988 (introduction)

David L. Edwards, Tradition and Truth, 1990

The Journey, Usher Gallery, Lincoln 1990

Dan Cohn-Sherbok (ed.), Tradition and Unity, 1991; Using the Bible Today, 1991

D.W. Hardy and P.H. Sedgwick (edd.), The Weight of Glory, 1991; and reprinted in Robin Gill (ed.), Readings in Modern Theology, 1995

Philippa Berry and Andrew Wernick (edd.), Shadow of Spirit, 1992

J. Runzo (ed.), Is God Real?, 1993

Leo Howe and Alan Wain (edd.), Predicting the Future, 1993, Italian tr. 1994, Spanish 1994

Neil Spurway (ed.), Humanity, Environment and God, 1993

Neville Glasgow (ed.), Frontiers of Faith, Wellington, NZ 1993

Dan Cohn-Sherbok (ed.), Glimpses of God, 1994

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David A. Hart (ed.), Multifaith Britain, 2002

Julian Baggini and Jeremy Stangroom (eds.), What Philosophers Think, 2003

Colin Slee (ed.), Honest to God: 40 Years on, 2004

Julius J Lipner (ed.), Truth, Religious Dialogue and Dynamic Orthodoxy: Reflections on the works of Brian Hebblethwaite, 2005

Robert J. Miller (ed.), The Future of the Christian Tradition in the Second Axial Age, 2007

Mick Gordon and Chris Wilkinson (eds.), Conversations on Religion, 2008

David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton, Philosophy Bites, 2010

Steven Shakespeare and Katherine Sarah Moody(ed.), Intensities: Philosophy and Religion and the Aftermath of Life, 2012

Anne Rowe and Avril Horner(eds.), Iris Murdoch: Texts and Contexts, 2012

Stephen Batchelor, Secular Buddhism: Imagining the Dharma in an Uncertain World, 2017

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