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Don Cupitt: The Old Creed and the New

"G.K. Chesterton somewhere tells a story about a man whose spirit was restless. He sets off on a voyage around the world, and has many wonderful adventures in exotic places. He comes at last to a magic land, marries a princess, and settles down - to the realisation that he has come back home to his own wife.
This story about a man who is discontented with ordinariness, and who travels in search of a higher and better world, only in the end to find himself returning with fresh eyes into ordinariness again, is perhaps the oldest and best religious and epic story. The movement in a great circle, of alienation and return, fall and redemption, going off to seek one's fortune and finally coming home again...has hovered in the background through the whole of this book." (page 136)

"Religious thought today must go back to the beginning and confront afresh the basic parameters of human existence: the temporality, the contingency and the finitude of all be-ing; the constant uncertainty of life and the equally constant certainty of death." (page 140)

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