Don Cupitt -

Don Cupitt: The Revelation of Being

"One should not get stuck for life with a single final vocabulary." (page 1)

"Religious writing, like painting, will not work if it merely copies ordinariness." (page 2)

"The first Western religious thinker of real note to be a literary pluralist was Kierkegaard, who has four or five different personae, each with his own distinctive style of thinking and final vocabulary." (page 2)

"From the point of view of philosophy, it is important to remember that 'science is a humanity'; that every scrap of our scientific world-picture is an intra-linguistic and intra-historical construct; and that we cannot separate the way that the world is absolutely from the way our current theory represents it." (page 23)

"Philosophy needs to learn to do without a number of its long-cherished assumptions. It needs to forget the idea that the Universe has a ready-made intelligible structure with its own final vocabulary out there waiting to be tapped into and copied down by us." (page 41)

"We live in a technological-bureaucratic world, dominated by means-end rationality, theory and long-termism. We are habitually so long-termist, planning our careers, mortgages and pensions in terms of decades, that our life threatens to lose its savour." (page 57)

"We need a conversion of ourselves, from the Fear of Being to the Love of Being." (page 80)

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