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Don Cupitt: The Way To Happiness

"How should we see religion for ourselves, today? I am aware of being a religious person: such a person has to wonder what kind of religion, with what kind of rationale, is possible for us now?" (page 1)

"We need to consider how the religious vocabulary through which we might want to express ourselves today differs from the vocabulary used by our ancestors." (page 21)

"Today's cosmology has irreversibly become scientific and secular, and the social order can no longer be grounded in the cosmic order in the old way" (page 22)

"We are animals: our life largely consists in, or rides upon, a continuous outpouring stream of biological feeling." (page 37)

"In our fullest and most adequate self-expression we find that we become ourselves and are able to recognise ourselves." (page 38)

"So accustomed are we in the modern West to seeing religious belief as irrational that it has become hard to remember how exceedingly rationalistic the West's basic religious concepts once were." (page 57)

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